About us

A sustainable Nut milk Machine… How Did We Get Here?

We’ve been wondering that, too. We’re Alicia and Dane, Nutr co-founders and partners based in Columbus, Ohio. We’ve always believed that being environmentally conscious is a way of life. Finding ways to conserve and protect our planet is just common sense if we want to maintain and improve the living conditions of our world.

As a wife and expectant mother, accountability for the world my child will grow up in hit home. From there, my husband and I joined forces to come up with a plan to do our part and find a way to be more active participants in a sustainable solution.

We became aware and informed of the benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle by watching the movie, A Life on Our Planet, by David Attenborough. The subject matter left such a deeply personal effect on me I knew I wanted to get involved.

We realized how much waste accumulates due to the dairy industry, not to mention the cruelty and environmental impacts. Having enjoyed plant-based milk myself, we decided to dig in a bit further.

When we found out what was in grocery store almond milk, we could not believe they could even put the word almond on the containers. After some research, I discovered many people were making their own plant-based milk at home through the process of almond milking. Although the resulting milk is nutritious and tasty, it is a painstaking process that involves a time-consuming method and is a bit inconvenient and messy.

We wanted to give people a way to make their personal brand of plant-based milk at home. We all lead busy lives and rarely have time to make our favorite kinds of milk through the nut bag milking method. As a result, we designed a product that is gorgeous to look at, fits right on your kitchen counter, and is made with eco-friendly materials and a thoughtful design.

Simple to use, easy to clean, and best of all, all you have to do is add your favorite ingredients and water, and press the button!

To add to our philosophy of preservation and sustainability, we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted

With every Nutr machine you purchase, we will donate to their reforestation project.

One Tree Planted, plants trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, enlisting amazing reforestation partners around the world.

To check out more information about One Tree Planted, click here.