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4 Reasons You Should Be Making Your Own Plant-Based Milk

4 Reasons You Should Be Making Your Own Plant-Based Milk image

Have you ever tried making your own nut or plant-based milk at home before? Well, if you have – you’ve likely learned making dairy-free milks from scratch can be quite the hassle. Beyond using a high-powered blender and nut milking bags, there’s now a much easier way! In addition to how easy it is to make with Nutr, homemade nut milks also taste far better than anything you can buy from the store, don't contain any of the additives or preservatives found in store-bought versions, and can even be more cost-effective and less wasteful over time!

Plus, there are so many ways you can make your own plant milks. You can experiment with different flavors, and use it in just about any recipe that calls for dairy milk or cream. You probably even have most of the ingredients needed to make it in your kitchen right now!

If you need more convincing, here are five more reasons everyone should be making their own nut milk:

#1: Making your own dairy free milk means there won't be any hidden additives or preservatives image

#1: Making your own dairy free milk means there won't be any hidden additives or preservatives

Not only can you control the quality and health factor of the ingredients when you make your own nut milk at home, but you also know exactly what goes in it

There can be many other additional ingredients in the plant-based milk you buy from the grocery store, such as:

Preservatives: To keep products fresh, manufacturers can add sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, calcium chloride and vitamin D2 (synthetic). These preservatives can potentially cause adverse effects such as allergic reactions, skin irritation and diarrhea.

Additives: To enhance taste, some manufacturers add sugar to increase its sweetness. This also increases its calorie count significantly! Furthey they can also add extra salt (NaCl), which is not good for our health.

Emulsifiers, thickeners & gums: To enhance and stabilize consistency, these added ingredients serve as agents to support the structure, texture and shelf life of many foods. While considered safe to consume, some research suggests these ingredients may cause GI inflammation and disruptions to the microbiome.

When you make your own milk, you're in charge of what goes in it, which means you can ensure it remains all natural and aligns with your consumption and dietary preferences. (Hello keto, gluten free, lactose free, vegan diets!)

#2: Making your own nut milk just got super easy

While blenders allow for plant-based milks to be created in a number of hours, inclusive of pre-soaking and hand straining – you can instead make your own nut milk in mere minutes, at the push of a button. And once you do, there's no going back to store-bought. It's very easy to make – and even easier to store and use!

You can use any kind of nut, grain or seed – like almonds, oats, hemp hearts, cashews, soy, coconut and more.

If you like the idea of making your own milk, but overnight soaking, straining, and cheesecloths aren't really your thing, Nutr is an excellent solution. It's affordable, easy to use, does a great job of turning nuts into deliciously creamy milks, and cleans up easily after each use—so you can enjoy fresh-tasting homemade nut milks anytime!

There's only three simple steps, and can truly be as simple as adding water, adding your nut of choice, choosing a temperature/blend setting – and in 3-5 minutes you have freshly nutritious milk. The Nutr Machine is perfect for making a variety of drinks, including nut and plant-based milks, coffee creamers, flavored lattes and dairy free beverages, hot drinks, smoothies, and more.

It’s powerful but also compact, so it’s perfect for countertops of any size.

Nutr is also committed to the environment, having partnered with One Tree Planted. Planting one tree for every purchase, so if you’re eco-conscious, you share a common mission with this brand.

#3: Making your own nut milk reduces food and carton waste image

#3: Making your own nut milk reduces food and carton waste

In this day and age, we are exposed to a lot of information about the benefits of plant-based foods. But what about the environmental impact?

Making your own plant-based milk at home is a great way to reduce food and carton waste, shrink your carbon footprint, and contribute to everyday sustainability in the world.

If you make nut milk from scratch, you can control exactly how much water you use (and therefore how much pulp ends up in your finished product). This means that you can make just enough for one day — or even two or three if you’d like. If you buy pre-made almond milk on the other hand, it's possible that you'll end up throwing away half of what's left in the carton before it goes bad. Plus you’ll be ditching those weekly cartons you have stockpiling in the recycling bin, and your fridge space will also thank you for it too.

#4: DIY milk is so much more versatile than store-bought nut milk.

Not only can you choose your flavor profile for homemade milks and creamers (think, cashew caramel creamer or strawberry oak milk), but these nut milks go well in smoothies, oatmeal, porridge and even baked goods like cookies and cakes!

You can customize your homemade nut milks by adding flavors such as vanilla extract, raw cocoa powder, fruits, different spices, sweeteners or other flavors. There's no limit on how many ingredients you can add to make it taste exactly how you want!

It’s also much easier to avoid allergens if you make your own hemp or flaxseed milk at home due to nut or other allergies or sensitivities.

Are you convinced yet? Check out what Nutr has to offer, and start making your own nut milk today!