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Frequently asked questions

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The Nutr Machine

Absolutely! You can use any nut, seed or grain to create a milk varietal. Or mix and match your favorites! Some of our go-to’s:
- Almond 
- Cashew 
- Oat 
- Soybean (which must be done on the Hot setting)
- Coconut
- Walnut
- Rice
- Hemp
- Flax
- Sesame
- Mung bean
- Peanut

With the Nutr Machine, it is not necessary! The blade and motor inside are very powerful, so you can enjoy rich nut milk without any hassle. However, if you do want to pre-soak your nuts for an even creamier and frothier milk, Nutr 2.0 does have a timed pre-soak function, to add your nuts up to 18 hours before you blend! It’s all based on preference.

The Nutr Machine has 3 heat settings: room temp, warm and hot. These 3 settings can be selected while blending your ingredients. The machine also features a boil and keep warm functions. Lastly, there is an auto-clean setting for easy clean-up!

Yes, soy milk must be heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit to be safely consumed. The Nutr Machine’s hot setting is enabled for this purpose! It is the only base ingredient that must be heated to this temperature for safe consumption.

There is a small amount of pulp after each blend, you can choose to drink the pulp (very nutritious!) or without. You can even use and repurpose the pulp for additional recipes. If you choose to filter out the pulp, we have provided an external strainer in the kit along with the Nutr Machine, so you can use it with any cup to enjoy pulp-free plant milk!

The machine is not dishwasher safe, however, you can hand wash the inside cavity and cap with the dedicated brush provided in the Nutr Machine set. The new machine has an auto-clean function, to run a rinse cycle by simply adding dish soap and water!

The Nutr Machine is 350mL, or single serving size for a full glass of fresh milk! It measures about 8.9in tall by 6in in diameter.

Yes! The outer packaging and box is fully recyclable (including the ink!), and the package insert is biodegradable. The machine itself is not recyclable at this time.

Nut Milks & Uses

Yes, you can! We have a variety of fun beverage and smoothie recipes available on our Recipes page for inspiration. Get creative with hot and cold recipes, and with the water boil feature - this can be used as an alternative to an electric tea kettle!

It really can be. Many plant-based milks can simply be those 2 ingredients, however we often add a touch of salt, or a natural sugar source like dates or vanilla to give it subtle flavor. We encourage Nutr users to get creative and report back with perfected recipes!

Yes! Warm nut milk is a delicious treat on a chilly day, and can be used for any nut milk blend. Also great to use for warm beverages, like coffee or tea!

Absolutely! But remember, the milk has no preservatives. We recommend drinking your refrigerated nut milk within 2-3 days and to use your discretion.

Nope. You may use old fashioned or quick oats. We recommend using cold water since hot water may make the oat milk have a slimy consistency.

Shipping & Returns

Currently, Nutr ships to the US and Canada. Please see additional details here.

Yes, this will be dependent on your location.

Typically 6 - 10 business days. However, the logistics crisis has extended delays in shipping times – we appreciate your patience! Please reach out to with any specific questions.

Oh no! That is something we would love to fix for you with our 1-year warranty. Please fill out this form with your order info and details on what is wrong with the machine.

Applicable on November 2022 orders onwards. For earlier orders, 90-day warranty will be applied.

We are able to accept returns of unused products up to 30 days, with the customer responsible for return shipping costs incurred. Please review our Shipping Policy page for more details. If you qualify, start the return process on this page.

Please read our full policy and disclosures for shipments, returns and exchanges.