Something exciting is coming...
Something exciting is coming...


Say hello to our nutrition packed and flavor filled wellness blends. Nutr Blends are here to boost your overall well-being and make healthy habits as simple as can be. 

Nutr Blends is not yet available for samples or purchase, but will be available in Q1 2023. Please leave your email below to stay tuned for updates.

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Introducing Nutr Blends

Our new proprietary Nutr Blends are wellness powders that not only flavor your homemade milks, but pack a fortified punch to invigorate your routine! Using the Nutr Machine just got even more fun and functional.

Coming soon – enter your email for EXCLUSIVE product updates as we launch and VIP access to sample a variety pack of 5 flavors.* Simply enter your details below to get updates as soon as our Nutr Blends are ready to sample.

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vegan All Natural Non-GMo GLuten Free Dairy Free Organic 100% Whole Foods
vegan All Natural Non-GMo GLuten Free Dairy Free Organic 100% Whole Foods
vegan All Natural Non-GMo GLuten Free Dairy Free Organic 100% Whole Foods
Wellness just got nuttier
Milk, but better

Fortified with the same great vitamins found in cow’s milk. No dairy, no lactose, but ALL the benefits.

Nutritionist approved

Our Nutr Blends are organic, all natural, and formulated alongside a team of nutritionists. We really mean it when we say we want to help you have healthier habits.

handcrafted, by you

Let’s face it, homemade is always better. With these fun new flavors, easily craft and enjoy milk exactly the way you want to.

Functional Foods

Superfoods and whole foods are incorporated into each and every blend powder. Functional, adaptogenic foods are the star of the show, and the Nutr team has taken care to select quality ingredients that optimize your mind, body and taste buds.

Everything serves a purpose, and that purpose is to make it easy for you to have a better overall well-being.

Meet Nutritious

The best flavors come to life in Nutr Blends and make every plant-based milk taste like a dream. Not only are they out of this world delicious, they’re also packed with vitamins and minerals. Simply use the Nutr Machine to add your preferred nut and a blend of your choice with water, and voila! Wellness never tasted so nutty.