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Our story

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A sustainable nut milk machine

How did we get here?

We’re Alicia and Dane, Nutr co-founders and partners based in Columbus, Ohio. We’ve always believed that being environmentally conscious is a way of life.

As partners and expectant parents, accountability for the world our child will grow up in hit home. From day to day consumer choices and larger lifestyle decisions, we came up with a plan to do our part and find a way to be more active participants in a sustainable solution.
We became aware and informed of the benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle by watching the movie, A Life on Our Planet, by David Attenborough. We realized the negative environmental impacts and how much waste accumulates from the dairy industry, not to mention the cruelty and health implications. Having enjoyed plant-based milk generally, we decided to dig in a bit further.

When diving into the best plant-based milk alternatives, Dane and Alicia started looking more closely at ingredient labels. They were shocked to see what felt like false advertising, and all the additives and preservatives loaded in almost all options at the store.
Alicia, a Chinese immigrant, was privy to growing up on homemade nut milk made by her mother. She knew it was time-intensive and messy, and as a working mom this would be challenging to make each week. Conducting research and discovering people were still making plant-based milk at home with blenders and nut milking bags – she had an ‘aha’ moment. What if there was an easy solution to avoid this painstaking process?

With a strong business background and keen palette for quality nut milk, Alicia alongside her husband Dane with engineering acumen, thoughtfully created their signature product – the Nutr Machine. Not only is this patent-pending technology powerful and versatile to make fresh plant-based milk at the touch of a button – Nutr keeps eco-friendly practices and ethos at the forefront as they build out their business.
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