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Introducing the Nutr Machine

Say hello to Nutr! We’re on the journey to change the way we milk - enabling consumers to make their own plant-based milk creations right at home. This countertop plant-based milk maker is compact, easy to use, and provides a healthier alternative to store-bought options. A fresh glass of plant-based milk can be as simple as nuts and water, and made in a matter of minutes. Really.

How it Works

3 easy steps, and at the push of a button you will have homemade nut milk.
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Simply add 1 scoop of preferred nuts. A singular nut, seed or grain will do – or a blend!
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Fill the Nutr Machine with water between min and max line, based on your preference of creaminess and quantity.
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Choose the temperature (hot, warm, room temp) and blend for a few minutes! To remove pulp, pour milk through the provided strainer – or enjoy your milk with the nutritious pulp!
In just minutes, any type of nut or plant-based milk can be made. The Nutr Machine comes in two colors to match any kitchen aesthetic - white and black with rose gold. With 3 heat & blend settings (room temp, warm and hot) you can make a variety of milks including almond, cashew, oat, hemp heart, coconut and soy. The Nutr also includes convenient settings for keeping concoctions warm, water boil and self-cleaning functions for an easy and mess-free clean up!

Promote a more sustainable lifestyle by eliminating carton waste, plus ditch those unhealthy preservatives and additives commonly found in brand-name products.

Nutr partners with One Tree Planted, promising a tree planted for each Nutr Machine sold. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives.
Nutr is also available on Faire for wholesale online products.

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