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Make plant-based milk in minutes!

A fresh glass of plant-based milk can be as simple as nuts and water, and made in a matter of minutes. Really.

Here's how it works


Simply add 1 scoop of preferred nuts or grain into your Nutr plant milk machine.
A singular nut, seed or grain will do - or a blend of two or more!


Fill Your Nutr with water between the minimum and maximum lines, based on your preference of plant-based milk creaminess.


Choose your preferred Nutr recipe temperature (hot, warm, cold) and blend for a few minutes based on your desired recipe! 

Over 20,000 Nutr machines sold!

Nutr Machine


Make homemade plant-based and nut milks, in a matter of minutes – with our sleek and compact design for single servings, perfect for your countertop. 

In just a few easy steps, make fresh nut milk at the push of a button. No more messy nut milk making, no more store-bought plant milks! Eliminate carton waste, and unhealthy preservatives and additives commonly found in brand-name products.

Nutr partners with One Tree Planted, promising a tree planted for each Nutr Machine sold. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives.

Why Nutr

  • Powerful blades for better tasting & creamier nut milk
  • Versatile uses for nut & plant-based milks, plus smoothies and food recipes!
  • 3 heat & blend settings (room temp, warm & hot)
  • Compact for your counter to make a fresh, single serving of milk
  • A more sustainable option by ditching the emissions-heavy dairy industry and store-bought milk cartons.
  • Living healthy made easy, know exactly what your nut milk contains!

Capacity: 350mL suitable to enjoy a cup of fresh nut milk, and easy to carry when traveling. It makes 8-13 oz of beverage.

Voltage: 110V / 60 Hz power. If used outside the US, a power converter or step-down transformer is needed.

Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 8.2 inches; 3 Pounds.

    Delicious & nutritious nut milk in minutes without the additives and preservatives

    Convenient, no mess process. Easy as 1-2-3! Just add nuts and water and press start

    Live more sustainably and reduce your carton waste from store-bought alternatives

    Get your Nutr Machine with 4 interest-free payments! Buy what you love and split the cost. It’s easy and interest-free.

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