Nutr 2.0 Nut Milk Maker [PRE-ORDER]

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White - Rose Gold
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Meet the new Nutr Machine
We’re proud and extremely happy to announce that the second generation of Nutr Machine will be officially available in November 2021 in North America.

Sustainable. Powerful. Versatile.
The new generation Nutr not only features stock inclusions of previous add-ons, such as the warm and hot features but also a new delay-start feature, so you can soak the nuts the night before, you will have a fresh glass of rich and creamy nut milk in the morning!

The product has a glass top so you can see how the nut milk is made in action! Aside from improved and more powerful motors, the new Nutr Machine now has added features: water boil, keep warm, and self-clean to unlock even more immersive experiences! Nutr 2.0 has two colors available: white with rose gold handle, black with gold handle.

Order now! (Only in North America)
We are currently running a pre-order program on Nutr 2.0. All pre-sale items will be shipped by the end of November. Order yours today & save!

Our Unique Settings


Often used for soymilk and rice milk - Nutr will boil and continuously blend within max time of 15 min-20 minutes at 100 C / 212F. Note: soymilk needs to reach this temperature in order to be safety consumed.


This setting is best for almond milk, walnut milk, hemp milk, flaxseed milk, etc.  Nutr will run for 5 minutes and reach temperature around 140F/60C. Enjoy a glass of warm nut milk in the cold weather!

No Heat

Oat milk lover? Use this setting with ice cold water and run Nutr at maximum to fully blend rolled oats with minimum pulp. Simply press a button for a fresh glass of plant-based milk, ready in just 2 minutes! 

How to Use Nutr

Step 1

Simply put 1 scoop of nuts (whatever you prefer, almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc)

Step 2

Fill the nutr machine with water between min and max line

Step 3

Choose the temperature (hot, warm, no heat)