Introducing Nutr Generation N Nut Milk Maker

Introducing Nutr Generation N Nut Milk Maker

A Revolutionary Nut Milk Maker to Make Fresh Non-Dairy Milks at Home

If you're like 1 out of 3 Americans, you drink non-dairy milk every single week. Thankfully, you can now find almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk and countless other options at your average grocery store or cafe.

The only problem is, these packaged non-dairy milks often contain more than just nuts, grains and seeds. They likely contain stabilizers, thickeners, preservatives, and flavorings, and most come in disposable plastic (or plastic lined) packaging.

Call us non-dairy milk snobs, but we think you deserve better than this. We believe the best non-dairy milks are made fresh using simple ingredients, and we want to make that accessible for everyone.

As the original trailblazers of Nut Milk Maker, our mission has always been to unite the convenience of modern technology innovations with generational values of high quality food.

Our latest and most revolutionary product that accomplishes this and more is the Generation N Machine.


Effortless, Fresh, and Pure

Picture this. You want to make an oat milk latte at home, so you open your Generation N app on your phone, tap the oat milk icon, and your machine automatically creates the perfect amount of fresh brewed milk without you even needing to be in the room. It's that simple.

 The Generation N machine features a water tank and a top loading dispenser for ingredients. The machine can be run using its physical touchscreen interface, or remotely from a corresponding Generation N app.

 It brews any non-dairy milk you can think of, including heat-requiring options like rice milk and soy milk. It can also make soups, smoothies, and baby food at the touch of a button.


Features You Won't See Anywhere Else

What sets the Generation N machine apart from anything else you've seen before is its versatility and uncomplicated usability. 

It has the ability to blend, heat, filter, and dispense liquids automatically to suit your specific needs.

A delayed start feature makes it easy to set and forget your morning beverage the night before, and the self-cleaning feature uses UV technology to keep your machine pristine without needing to handwash it between uses.


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Generation N machines will be available later in 2024, but you can get on the waitlist now for an exclusive discounted price by joining our VIP list for the upcoming kickstarter campaign.

The future of non-dairy milk has arrived.