About us

Unveiling Our Journey to Nutritional Wellness

Our Mission

Launched in 2021, Nutr is a lifestyle and wellness brand set out to change the way we milk. Its mission is to revolutionize the way we view plant-based milk by offering a healthier, more convenient, and cost-effective option. The signature Nutr Machine enables users to create fresh and nutritious dairy-free milks at the push of a button, and Nutr has also introduced Nutr Blends – all natural wellness blends designed to provide a deliciously fortified boost to plant-based milks. Not only is it healthier to make your milks with Nutr, but it also promotes sustainability by eliminating milk cartons and food waste. Nutr's rapid growth is a testament to its vision of making it simple for individuals to have a positive impact on their lifestyle and the environment. With the growing demand for plant-based milk, Nutr is poised to be the top brand for at-home milk production, shaking up the dairy-free industry.

Our Approach

Alicia was an honoree on Inc.'s 2023 Female Founders 200 List and they appeared on Shark Tank Season 14. Nutr was also featured on NBC today show, Good Morning America, The View, Forbes, WSJ and along with other publications. Alicia is a Chinese immigrant, grew up drinking homemade soymilk made by her mother and cherishes the memories of these delicious and nutritious drinks from her childhood. Fueled by a commitment to foster healthy living and sustainability, Alicia reflected on the cherished nut milks of her youth, acknowledging the laborious and messy process of crafting them. This prompted her to embark on a quest to discover an eco-friendly and uncomplicated method for producing plant-based milks at home. Guided by her passion for quality nut milks and Dane's engineering proficiency, they collaboratively created the Nutr Machine—a groundbreaking, patent-pending technology that empowers individuals to effo


Alicia Long and Dane are the co-founders of Nutr, a lifestyle and wellness brand on a mission to make healthy, plant based milks accessible and convenient through the use of their innovative product, the Nutr Machine. In tandem with their dedication to promoting health and environmental well-being, Alicia and Dane partnered with a team of nutritionists and dietitians. Together, they developed the Nutr Blends product line, crafted from 100% wholefoods and free from preservatives and sugar. This holistic approach aligns seamlessly with their overarching mission to advocate for sustainable living practices, ensuring a harmonious balance between personal wellness and environmental stewardship for generations to come.


At the core of our nutritional philosophy lies a belief in the power of real, whole foods to nourish and heal. We advocate for a balanced approach that honors both the body and the planet, sourcing responsibly and sustainably. Our philosophy embraces diversity, recognizing that individual needs vary, and we strive to provide guidance that is inclusive and adaptable. Through education and empowerment, we aim to inspire lifelong habits that foster vibrant health and well-being