Nutr Machine

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Nutr Machine

  Rich & creamy nut milk ready in minutes

  No mess

  No preservatives or artificial ingredients

  Refrigerate in a reusable container

  No waste

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Takes about 20 minutes: can be used for soymilk and rice milk, which needs to be heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit to be safely consumed.


Takes about 5 minutes: can be used for any type of nuts, beans, or oats. Enjoy a glass of warm milk in the cold weather!

No Heat

Simply press a button for a fresh glass of plant-based milk, ready in just 2 minutes! 

Instructions on how to use the nutr machine

Step 1

Simply put 1 scoop of nuts (whatever you prefer, almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc)

Step 2

Fill the nutr machine with water to the max line

Step 3

Choose the temperature (hot, warm, no heat)

Making Milk that Tastes as Good as It Feels Yes, it really is this easy!

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